by BDK Iron

From Fairbanks to Seattle and spent the night at an airport hotel. Next morning on to Boston. I was lucky and had all three seats empty. The plane was only 55% full. Good tail wind and we made it in five hours. Spent the night in Boston and had a 787 flight to London. Again lucky, aisle seat and the middle seat was empty. Another tail wind and made it in 6 hours.

Spent the night at LHR hotel and then Heathrow Expressed it to Paddington station to catch the train to Cardiff. My train was cancelled, but the prior train was running. So, hopped in that one.

Paddington Station:

Mystery button on a wall at Paddington:

While was standing there an employee came by and pressed the button in some sequence and then wandered away. I’m guessing it is some kind of tell-tale. Probably a bunch of them around the station. Folks check in with the buzzer to show they are making their rounds.

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